Roxanne Thimble: Sterling Silver

This thimble is orthopedically designed to perfectly meet the needs of quilters. In contrast to traditional thimbles, the Roxanne thimble does not sit on your knuckle, but instead fits over your fingertip, having been created to fit and mimic the natural form of your finger. Because of this, the whole surface of your fingertip can work the needle, rather than only the point or the side. This guarantees a relaxed hand position. In addition, the back side of the thimble is open, which keeps your finger cool and dry, allowing for a secure grip, and leaves room for long fingernails. The deep notches covering the work surface of the thimble provide enough traction to keep the needle from slipping no matter the angle, reducing fatigue. The relaxed hand position relieves your tendons and helps to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Because the thimble is rather heavy and sits well on your fingertip, it even provides the force required to lead a full needle through your quilt.

This solid silver thimble (925 Sterling) boasts very special properties:

  • the smooth, supple material adapts to the shape of your finger
  • the dimples are even deeper
  • the thimble that meets the highest expectations
127,50 €
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